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Social Media: How to Create the Right Image

Social networks have increased into our personal space. We are evaluated by both casual guests and potential partners and employers. Therefore, it is important to maintain the right reputation in the online space. We figure out what not to do and show in the profile. If you are reading this article, it means that you care ...

Treatments to Remove Acne

Natural Treatments to Remove Acne Marks and Scars

Dealing with acne is really frustrating and difficult, even when you find the right products to banish it, the problem doesn't end there. Acne marks and scars can be even more annoying and laborious than the pimples themselves, and while some fade within a short time, others take much longer or never go away. It is ...

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Nutritious Foods for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Like skin, hair needs specific nutrients to stay healthy and beautiful. The cells that make up each strand require a regular supply of nutrients to ensure their health. In this post I tell you that vitamins and minerals give hair everything it needs to stay shiny, lustrous and strong. Proteins As hair is made of ...

hair loss home remedies

Wasabi For Hair Loss, New Discovery Against Alopecia

Wasabi is widely known as a super-spicy sushi seasoning served to enhance the taste of fish, but a recent discovery may make it even more popular, though this time as a hair loss product. According to Kirin, Japan's leading wasabi company, the plant has the ability to regenerate human hair. Specialists discovered that ...

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Essential Ingredients in Moisturizing Body Creams

The skin of the body requires as much care as that of the face, and to keep it always in optimal conditions it is necessary to apply a good body cream daily. There are key ingredients that make a body cream really effective, let's see what they are: Peptides Peptides are amino acids that promote the production of ...

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Why is it Bad to Have Your Pores Open?

We have always heard that it is necessary to use cold water on the face to close the pores, that we must use creams that close the pores, that we must apply masks that close the pores and many other methods to close the pores. But why is it bad to have open pores? For many reasons, the first one is that having open pores ...