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Why is it Bad to Have Your Pores Open?

Why is it Bad to Have Your Pores Open?

We have always heard that it is necessary to use cold water on the face to close the pores, that we must use creams that close the pores, that we must apply masks that close the pores and many other methods to close the pores.

But why is it bad to have open pores? For many reasons, the first one is that having open pores allows dirt, bacteria, and dust to get in, creating pimples, pimples, blackheads, and even severe skin infections.

Another of the great reasons why it is bad to have open pores is for simple aesthetics since it doesn’t look good to see those holes in people’s skin.

There are many ways to close the pores, one of them is to effectively use cold water and avoid hot water, which causes them to open, causing the face fat to come out and stay on the skin, having the effect that the skin shines all day long.

Keeping the pores closed is also something that will help you look younger, as they open up over time and it becomes increasingly difficult to close the pores, for this, there are the famous chemical peels and facial laser, which also helps you significantly reduce wrinkles.

There are commercial masks, which you can get at any self-service store or pharmacy that help close pores, but their results will never compare to what a professional mask applied at a beauty salon or spa can achieve.

Don’t forget how important it is to perform any health-related procedure with a professional, otherwise, the effects can be counterproductive and negative.

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