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Wasabi For Hair Loss, New Discovery Against Alopecia

Wasabi For Hair Loss, New Discovery Against Alopecia

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Wasabi is widely known as a super-spicy sushi seasoning served to enhance the taste of fish, but a recent discovery may make it even more popular, though this time as a hair loss product.

According to Kirin, Japan’s leading wasabi company, the plant has the ability to regenerate human hair. Specialists discovered that wasabi has two components that stimulate hair growth: Isosaponarina and 6-MSITC.

These compounds are able to stimulate and awaken the cells responsible for hair formation on the human scalp and reduce inflammation around hair follicles. They have an action three times more effective than minoxidil, a chemical commonly used in hair growth products.

The hair follicles that come into contact with wasabi undergo a kind of renewal. The isosaponarina stimulates the production of collagen and in combination with the 6-MSITC, trigger the development of proteins that facilitate greater access of nutrients to hair cells resulting in thicker, stronger and invigorated hair.

wasabi benefits for hairIt is important to point out that in order to achieve this effect against baldness it is not necessary to eat wasabi (what a relief!), but it must be applied topically on the area to be treated. Isosaponarina is found in the leaves of the plant and 6-MSITC in the edible part.

It is also not advisable to use the green pasta served with the niguiris because it is not composed entirely of wasabi but has been scratched with oroshigane in its preparation, and should not fall into false advertising because not all products “wasabi” sold on the market actually contain it.

The wasabi sold in supermarkets is not 100% natural but a substitute because the root is expensive and difficult to find. In order to be sure of what we buy, it is best to go to specialised shops.