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Pilates Exercises: Do them at Home

Pilates Exercises: Do them at Home

After sitting on a chair for 8 hours or being in an uncomfortable positioning, a great way of releasing that tension of your body is making pilates exercises. This technique releases back pain, neck pain, improves the whole posture of your body, gives you greater energy and of course, brings you back on the fit position.

Pilates Exercises at home

What are pilates exercises

Pilates exercises aim to reinforce the body in an even method, with particular focus on core strength to enhance general physical fitness and health and well-being. The Pilates workouts are done on a mat or utilizing a unique devices such as the Pilates Reformer. With its system of pully-blocks and springs, handles and straps, the apparatus can provide either resistance or support, depending upon your requirements.

Pilates exercises are for people of any ages and levels of capability and physical fitness, from newbies to elite athletes. The device can be utilized to provide assistance for newbies and people with particular medical conditions, as well as resistance for people looking to challenge their body. Prior to beginning any workout program, it is a good idea to seek guidance from your health expert, and the rest, it is ours.

Health benefits of pilates exercises

There are lots of reports on the health benefits of pilates exercises. Nevertheless, few of these have undergone extensive clinical examination and there is a requirement for more research in this area.

Practitioners state that regular pilates exercises can assist improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint movement etc. For sportists, these exercises can help reduce their risks of injury.

Warm up is important

Before starting with pilates exercises, make sure you warm up with deliberate breathing. Breathe while you are with your knees bent, and feel your back imprint on the floor. Do 10 rounds of this breathing.

Start slowly

Do not try every single of the pilates exercises, and instead work with some trainer experienced in this area. If you exercise regularly, you will be able to notice the results very fast and also you will be more elastic and able to do more complicated exercises.

Pilates Exercises you can do at home

There are different ways of doing pilates exercises. You can use a floor mat or exercising devices. Anyways, since for these devices take space, here we present some simple pilates exercises which you can do at home.

⦁ The 100 – This is one of the basic pilates exercises which should be done on mat. It should be used for warming up, because it activates the whole body. It works on the abs and stimulates the blood flow. It is a great starting exercise, since coordinates the breathing between the movement. In its more advanced version we can stretch our legs towards a position in which our center increases its resistance and work.

⦁ Single Straight Leg Stretch – Lie face up on a mat with legs extended straight up, perpendicular to flooring. Raise your head, neck and shoulders off mat and bring your right leg in as close to face as flexibility permits, lightly holding best calf with both hands. Pulse the same leg towards your face 2 times while your left leg extends far from your body and hovers above the mat. Repeat two times and then do it on the other side.

⦁ Criss Cross – To do this exercise you should lay on your back, flex your knees and raise them up. Place your hands behind your neck and raise your hand, neck and shoulders for about an inch. Twist your upper body so that your right shoulder aims towards your left knee. Remember, pilates exercises are all about quality and not quantity!

To conclude

Pilates exercises are an excellent way to have a fit and toned body. Try them and you will be able to notice how much your breathing is improved and also how your pain is gone.