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How to Fight Cellulite with Exercise?

How to Fight Cellulite with Exercise?

Cellulite is a metabolic disease, it does not pose any health risk, but it does cause aesthetic problems. Cellulite affects most women (almost 99%), but it can also affect men.

This is an excessive accumulation of fat that can arise in various parts of the body worse is usually in the thighs and buttocks. It can affect both overweight people and delegates. This excessive accumulation of fat causes the tissue to deform forming depression or dimples and is also known as orange peel.

Orange peel affects several components of the human body, at the lipidic, vascular and connective levels, which is what cellulite tissue is formed from.

Discover how cellulite and its phases form and end it today

The appearance of cellulite has several phases, all this occurs in the lower layers of the skin, are:

  • First, the venous and lymphatic microcirculation slows down, which causes vasodilatation.
  • Second, vasodilation makes the venous and lymphatic vessels permeable, causing fluid to leak out.
  • Third, the fluid thickens and becomes denser. This makes the exchange of nutrients between fat cells and blood vessels difficult. Because the waste cannot be removed, the fat cells increase in size. This will cause the adipose to burst and the liquid will come out.
  • Fourth, large nodules are generated which causes an irregular skin appearance and dimples on the outside.

how to eliminate Cellulite

The orange peel can be prevented, discover how in this section

As there are several factors that can facilitate the appearance of cellulite, there are several things we can do to combat cellulite.

One of them is improving the diet, increasing the dose of potassium, vitamin C and E in our body and reducing fat intake. It is also recommended to avoid the consumption of sodium, coffee, and alcohol.

It is also not recommended to smoke and lead a stressful life rhythm or with anxiety because in the long run, it can also cause heart problems. What is recommended is to drink plenty of water, to keep the skin hydrated.

The best way to get rid of cellulite is to eliminate the excess of localized fat, for that, you have to do sports. The ideal is a routine that combines aerobic exercises with strength exercises.

After a training session, you can take a bath or shower with cold water, this will activate blood circulation and help reduce cellulite. Do not wear tight clothing because it will cause the opposite effect, as it hinders circulation.

The exercises that will help you end cellulite are these:

As we have already said, the best type of exercise to get rid of orange peel skin is the aerobic type and the strength type.

They are easy exercises to do, with various levels of difficulty, so everyone will find the level that corresponds to their physical condition and as the difficulty will increase you will be able to progress and advance in level.

In addition, our teachers explain in a very clear way how to follow the exercises so you will immediately understand what it is and you will be able to follow the class without any problem.

The exercises that make you work your legs specifically are also ideal, as they cause a direct impact, these are the buttocks or legs.

The combat and step sauces are also ideal for this purpose as they make the upper and lower trains work very intensely. In the steps, there is the exercise of “Strengthen your buttocks” at the beginner level. They are followed by exercises dedicated to the buttocks, is one of the best to work this area.

If you want to put an end to abdominal cellulite, in the abdominal room you will find the exercises you need. Also in this blog post you will find the perfect abdominal routine. Any of them will be ideal to fight cellulite in that area.

Remember that both while you are doing the exercises and after, you must stay well hydrated. Drinking water helps the skin to be properly hydrated and has more flexibility and is smoother, thus reducing cellulite.