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Benefits of Green Tea for Health

Benefits of Green Tea for Health

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You are fond of drinking tea is certainly familiar with the type of green tea. I’ll tell you the Benefits of Green Tea . A warm cup of green tea is a beverage that is suitable for drinking while relaxing and upon completion of daily work exhausting. With a cup of green tea, you feel calm and relaxed. So that your body can take a break to return to activity again later

If you’re used to drinking green tea, you know that the real benefit of green tea is not only related to the relaxation of the body. Green tea has many other benefits, not for the health and beauty of your body only.

Benefits of Green Tea

One of the benefits of green tea for the body is the content of antioxidants in tea can counteract free radicals trigger skin wrinkles. We can avoid nasty free radicals by treating skin with green tea. A natural ingredient found in tea are quite famous in Japan can be used for. minimize the possibility of the occurrence of cancer and heart disease.

Green tea can be used to your treat skin disease, eczema. Benefits of green tea to avoid the presence of acne on your face and youthful. Green tea is a natural substance that contains vitamin C and antioxidants are quite high. The combination of these two natural ingredients certainly helps you to always look younger.

Other benefits of green tea is beauty and hair health. Hair is a crown of every woman should always be kept beauty. So the hair can be stronger, not easily to fall out and become shining, you use green tea that has been precipitated overnight without sugar, rub the water of green tea in all parts of your hair. Let it standby for 15 minutes then rinse it with shampoo and water. The content of panthenol in green tea was able to reduce the hair is damaged, broken and branching.

Benefits of Green Tea for Cancer

A Boston University researchers examining the content of green tea on the prevention of breast cancer in experiments are rodents, and the result, mice who drank green tea had little-growing cancer cells and no longer attack healthy cells. but for people who suffer from breast cancer, should consult a doctor first if they want to undergo chemotherapy treatment with green tea. And, based on the observations so far Benefits of Green Tea in countries that diligently consume green tea, the level of female breast cancer is very low. For them, the tea is regarded as one of healthy beverages.