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Training: The Best Anti-Aging Remedy

Training: The Best Anti-Aging Remedy

It is inevitable that with the passage of time we age. It makes gray hair appear, weakens muscles, wrinkles appear and we lose agility. It even makes us have health problems. All this can make us change, doubt, be more insecure and that we do not like our physical appearance. Discover today the best anti-aging remedy.

A few years ago, life expectancy was not like it is now, people lived less years. But now, thanks to health improvements, improved quality of life and hygiene, people are able to live longer. One of the things that makes people live longer, too, is the regular practice of sport, since it contributes to the improvement of the health of those who practice it.

How much exercise should we do?

Why is it necessary to do regular training in order not to age?

Growth hormone is a key element. This hormone is very important for the development of children and adolescents and serves as anti-aging for adults. Growth hormone intervenes directly in the development of our cells and prevents them from degenerating.

It is always present in our body and stimulates the agents that allow muscle growth. But each person releases it in a different way, in addition, there are factors such as age and physical development that influence its production.

It has been shown that when you do sport you can release a greater amount of this growth hormone, which is why it is recommended to practice sport regularly. Because it allows synthesize collagen, muscles and cell renewal. This is why training is the best anti-aging method.

In addition, when doing sport we release endorphins, the hormones of happiness, which will help us to improve our mood and which in turn will not make us feel more like doing our next training session.

It will also help us burn body fat and lose weight with what we will look better, making us feel better in our own body.

Apart from releasing growth hormones, exercise helps us to oxygenate the blood and skin. With what we will have a skin with a younger aspect and without wrinkles, we will liberate collagen and elastin what will do that it is more firm and elastic.

Also, when we sweat we remove dirt and toxins from the skin so the pores are cleaned. You can see that doing sport helps prevent aging both inside and outside the body. At the end of training, you will be so tired that it will help you sleep better. It’s all advantages!

Take note of the anti-aging remedy

Best Anti-Aging RemedyWe have learned that in order to fight against aging we have to activate the production of growth hormone, but how do we do it?

To activate it we have to exercise, then we bring you what kind of exercises that will help you do it:

Strength exercises: this is one of the best ways to produce growth hormone. By producing this hormone, we are going to create an anabolic effect with which we could make the size of the cells grow.

You can do the rowing exercise, do squats or a leg stride. They are simple exercises that can be done in the living room at home or at work taking advantage of a break.

Cardio exercises: exercises in this discipline are ideal for increasing the effects of growth hormone, but for them to be really effective they have to be done with a high intensity. For the level of intensity to be considered high, you must have at least one year of basic experience doing exercises of this type.

Cardio exercises are especially recommended for the elderly. It improves cardiovascular health and breathing.

How much exercise should we do?

It is recommended that you exercise daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes to improve your overall health. The benefits will depend on each person and the state they are in. Since a person who is relaxed and has good lifestyle habits does not train the same as one who is stressed, sleeps badly and is not encouraged properly.

You can also do these sessions accompanied by your friends or family so that you are more motivated and the training is more enjoyable.

As you have seen, doing sports are all advantages, so what are you waiting for to start training? With sessions of 30 minutes a day you can improve your health.