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The Figure Types: What Does Our Silhouette Say About Us?


How do you explain that by exercising in the gym, on the same diet, one is losing weight quickly and the other cannot lose a single gram? Genetics and hormones are the ones responsible for this difference. But everyone can lose weight: just define their own type and follow the advice of the nutritionist and coach Barbara Schmidt.

Each woman has one of the four glands of internal secretion that is naturally more active than the others, which affects the metabolism and, therefore, affects the appearance. Because of this, female figures are conditionally divided into four types. The classification is not absolute – the hormonal background is too complex – but if you look closely, you can guess the predominance of one of the types in each one.


Signs. The upper body is larger than the lower body. Wide shoulders, pronounced breasts, small buttocks, strong arms and legs. The skin is naturally supple and not prone to cellulite. They get fat starting from the chest, arms and stomach area. Easily build muscle mass.

Psychological portrait. Leaders, who make quick decisions, do not like to get advice and always take responsibility. They don’t know what to do with anything: work, sport or food.

Advantages. Look slim, even if they are inclined to completeness. And also – the absence of cellulite and firm skin.

Disadvantages. If you are overweight, the fried silhouette acquires “wrestling” features: there is a fairly powerful top with very narrow hips and a short neck.

Nutrition. Optimal vegetarian diet. Cream, butter, sauces, and chocolate are not recommended.

Self-control. You should periodically disconnect yourself from the worries and enjoy such simple things as the rustle of leaves or the noise of rain.

Fitness. Adrenaline produced by the adrenal glands requires constant activity. Running, aerobics, alpine skiing are optimal. But the best way to support the form of swimming is to form the body without inflating the muscles.


Signs. The body of a teenager with narrow hips, without a pronounced waist. Small arms and small legs, big head. The bone is quite narrow, the waist is long, the buttocks are small and round. Hardly put on weight, first of all become fat in the abdomen area.

Psychological portrait. Introverted, inclined to art and science, often closed, but not because of anger, but because of self-sufficiency. Sometimes they are so deeply immersed in the world of thoughts that they forget about the immediate needs of not only those around them, but also their bodies.

Advantages. Thanks to the even distribution of fat for a long time look slim. But even though they are thin, they do not appear skinny or bony.

Disadvantages. When they get fat, they are blurred at the waist. Weak lymphatic system causes swelling and loose skin.

Nutrition. Fewer carbohydrates and more protein are recommended. They assimilate vegetables, coarse-grind flour products and spices perfectly. It is better to limit milk, sweets, bakery, raw products. Digestion is sensitive to biorhythms, breakfast should be abundant, dinner is minimal.

Self-control. They are sensitive to nuances, smells, sounds and shades. The house should have more flowers, scented candles and sachets.

Fitness. Strength training will help to give relief, remove the stomach, emphasize the waist and take away the submerged graceful women “from head to body”.


Signs. The figure “hourglass”. The stomach and thighs start to make us weary, and the limbs remain thin, even if they are overweight.

Psychological portrait. Funny, active fantasers, do not go for a word in their pockets, easily charm the interlocutor.

Advantages. If a woman of creative type is not inclined to completeness, her silhouette will be almost perfect (90-60-90).

Disadvantages. Weaknesses are musculature (they hardly accumulate it) and very fragile bones. The skin is thin, dry and can lose tone. There is also a tendency to cellulite.

Nutrition. Green vegetables: salad, sorrel, broccoli, onions, green beans will charge energy and remove toxins. We also need non-fat animal proteins with milk products. Fruit, bread, alcohol, caffeine and sugar are not needed.

Self-control. Their energy system requires constant “heating”. A hot shower or sauna will help stabilize blood circulation, relieve anxiety and relax at the end of the day.

Fitness. The best sports will be group sports, street sports and dance. Creative women are potential “owls”, therefore for efficiency it is necessary to train in the afternoon.


Signs. A classic female body with a narrow upper part, rounded hips and buttocks, from which it begins to recover.

Psychological portrait. Caring, angry and impressionable. Quickly and easily converge with the people around them, feeling their aspirations intuitively. Slow metabolism causes external retardation, which is deceptive and hides the internal storm of emotions.

Advantages. Even if it is too fat, the appetizing lady will not “swim” in the waist, and the stomach will appear in the last place.

Disadvantages. Great propensity for excess weight and cellulite. Since youth make an impression of “doughnuts”, instead of fragile and fried. Most people get fat during pregnancy.

Nutrition. Fruits will help stabilize metabolism. Useful for all kinds of vegetables, especially broccoli and soybeans, low-fat proteins. You can forget about cream, butter, sauces, chocolate, rolls and pasta. Vinegar and lemon juice are poorly assimilated. In the morning, the digestive system works sluggishly, so you can skip breakfast. The feeling of hunger in the period from 17 to 22 hours at most.

Self-control. Communication is vital. Loneliness is contraindicated, as well as contact with aggressive people. Bring out the negative energy will help breathing exercises and yoga.

Fitness. Because of the slowed metabolism it is necessary to perform as many exercises as possible on endurance. When doing sports it is important to be on your feet, so swimming in pure form is not suitable for them. The best time for exercise is in the early morning and in the afternoon.