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The Age Don’t Weight, The Pounds Does

The Age Don’t Weight, The Pounds Does

It is well known that the passage of time takes its toll. Our body changes, evolves as the years go by. When we are small our body is full of energy, of vitality, to weigh less pounds we are more agile, it gives us less laziness to move and to be in form is easier.

However, as we get older, things change. The body prepares for its adult life and this means significant changes, for example, we grow, we are taller and gain more weight, so we lose agility, as we weigh more it costs us more to lift our body. It is important to do sport during childhood, to help our body to have a normal physical development, but you should also practice sport when we are adults.

The practice of sport brings great advantages, by releasing endorphins we improve our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve our health, we have better defenses and many other physical advantages. But it also teaches us to work as a team, discipline, confidence and follow a routine in our lives, as well as commitment and other very important values that will make us better people. Apart from losing pounds.

It is important that we continue doing sport in our adult life because later on we will also have a change in our body, when we enter the third age. During this stage the body becomes heavier and more difficult for us to do depending on what movements.

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What Exercises Can I Do at Home to Lose Weight?

The ideal is to do training sessions that make the whole body work, or do several different exercises to work all parts of the body, and thus achieve a defined and harmonious body.

We can start with classes for beginners, that adapt to our level of physical form, little by little and as our body adapts to the practice of the regular physical exercise, we can increase the level of difficulty of the exercises.

Disciplines such as aerobics or steps are ideal, make the whole body move, have various levels of difficulty and can follow the rhythm immediately.

But these are not the only disciplines, on the website of our virtual gym you will find up to 21 different disciplines. Among them, the Total Body Conditioning room with which you can work the whole body starting with videos of 20 minutes.

The advantage of these sessions is that in a short time they allow you to burn many calories and can be done anywhere. In the same line, you will find the perfect body room.

If what you are looking for is a room that makes you work at high intensity, you can try Tabata or Crossfitess. For the Tabata you can start with a beginner level, however, to do Crosfitness you have to have a minimum average level to be able to follow the rhythm of the exercises.

If you are looking for specific exercises for men and women, there are also rooms dedicated to both sexes, so that the exercises are adapted to the specifications and needs of each of them.

Discover Gymnastics for the Elderly

As we have already mentioned, older people have special needs. Over the years we lose motor skills and if we do not exercise we can suffer chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Sport will also bring great advantages to the human body: improving muscles, cardiovascular functions, improving bones, reducing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, among others. In addition, it reduces depression, prevents falls and improves mood, something very important in older people.

The most recommended activities are anaerobic and aerobic, which make the joints and muscles work. Normally of low impact, to avoid possible injuries.

We recommend a visit to the doctor before doing any sport and recommend the exercises that best suit our physical condition and that will help us improve our health.