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20 Minutes a Day to Change Your Physique

20 Minutes a Day to Change Your Physique

Physical exercise is very important for health. It brings great benefits both physically and mentally. Apart from helping you to maintain a good state of health, it helps you to maintain a good mood and improve your mood at the same time you make a change of body.

But the pace of life today does not help the practice of exercise. Working 8 hours a day sitting and then getting home and not exercising and abusing junk food, make our lives more and more sedentary.

If you want to be in good shape, have a nice body and live longer, you must change your habits and start exercising daily. Doctors and physiotherapists say that 20 minutes a day is enough for your body to notice the effects of sport and improve your health.

For this reason, we have prepared a 20-minute exercise routine so that you can change your body at home.

Fitness Habit

Why do 20 minutes a day for a body change?

20 minutes a day is enough to activate your body, improve your defenses, reduce the risk of suffering certain diseases and extend your life expectancy.

This daily training does not have to be at high intensity, it can be at moderate or low intensity.

Starting to do sport, even if it is only 20 minutes a day, can be difficult if you are not used to doing sport. So you’ll have to start slowly.

You will have to prepare your mind to find the necessary motivation and start by doing simple, short-lived exercises. As your body adapts to this new practice, you will increase the duration of the exercises. Soon you will see that it does not take you any effort to do 20 minutes of sport every day and you will want to do more.

If you need more information to convince you to do daily sport, we will tell you that it has infinite benefits. You will start to feel good, because when you do sport, endorphins are released, the hormone of happiness with which you will feel better. In addition, you will get rid of stress and anxiety.

As you achieve your goals, you will feel better about yourself, your body and gain confidence.

Doing sports will help you to socialize, you will meet more people, you will have themes in common and as he will have more confidence to create new bonds will not be a problem.

You will also be helping to regulate tension, prevent bone deterioration, have more muscle mass, burn body fat, and help you reduce cardiovascular problems.

As you can see, everything is an advantage. The excuse that you don’t have time will no longer be valid because with only 20 minutes a day and from home, you can get in shape and make a change to your body.

What 20-minute exercises can I do?

slim fitness tipsA good activity to start, is the Pilates, you’ll find videos to get started in this easy to do. You will see that you do not need much material, with a mat you will be able to begin, in addition, another great advantage, is that it makes work the whole body. This makes it an ideal discipline.

If you want something more moving, we recommend dancing. You can choose the rhythm that better suits for you, could it be either┬ázumba and salsa or whatever you want. Don’t worry because they can be done with a beginner level and in all of them we explain how to follow the choreography.

If you already have a basic or advanced level of fitness, you can do the advanced crossfit. There are more and more people who are hooked to this modality, as it makes work the whole body, requires a major effort but allows you to burn many calories.

The total body conditioning can also be done if you already feel comfortable with yourself and with a medium level.

If you still don’t feel ready, aerobics is ideal, it’s the middle point between beginner’s level and the most demanding fitness activity. In addition, it makes the whole body work and you can change levels quickly. You will also notice that the trick is easily caught and that every day you will want more.

Whatever activity you choose, remember to stay hydrated at all times. It is also very important to warm up and stretch before and after each training session to avoid possible injuries. This allows the muscles to prepare for sports and then allows them to relax and begin their recovery by minimising the appearance of stiffness.